We are a Leading 3D Walkthrough Company and Architectural Rendering Studio in India. 3D VisualFx is an Architectural Visualization studio specializing in high-quality 3D Photorealistic Rendering, 3D Walkthrough Animation Services, 3D Virtual Tour Walkthrough and Augmented Reality, 3D Exterior Rendering, 3D Interior Rendering, and Designing, and more. 3D VisualFx has completed 5000+ projects worldwide for 16 years. We provide high-quality modeling and 3d rendering services to our clients worldwide. Our company is providing all types of services to the real estate industry including 3D Elevation Rendering, 3D Exterior Rendering, Residential & Commerical Interior Designing and Rendering with all types of views, 2D / 3D Floor plans, Cut Sections.


With 3D VisualFx you will get beautiful 3D Rendering or Best Architectural Visualization including interior or exterior layout in Lucknow, India, or worldwide.

Our 3d visualization artists are experts in all kinds of 3D Exterior Designing like Restaurants, Food courts, Resorts, Hotels, Residential Properties, and Real estate Buildings.


We are aware of the needs of commercial and residential developers in the architectural sector. Our team of knowledgeable people provides you with architectural services including renderings that help make your apartment projects public for sale, marketing; Advertisement well before construction begins. Builders/architects can think of engaging buyers and investors in their projects with the help of high-quality images.


Where the designing style thrives, there is a place we call 3D VisualFx. We design and illuminate for anyone who wants a more beautiful life. Whether your taste is contemporary or modern or a mix of the two, we offer the novelty of each wall for the interior and transform it into a masterpiece with the finest location planning, and extremely cleverness, influenced by attractive elements and a luxurious Designed for technology you live comfortably and with style.


We offer online 2D/3D Floor Plan Design Services at the lowest price. Your clients can easily visualize the top view of the building’s architectural layout or residence with the help of 3d floor plans rendering.

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