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Mr. Rais Abbas Rizvi

  • Introducing the visionary leader behind Orange IT Solutions, Mr. Rais Abbas Rizvi. With a wealth of experience spanning over 15 years in the marketing industry, Mr. Rizvi’s journey is a tapestry of remarkable milestones and notable achievements.
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“Success is not the destination; it’s the unwavering determination to embark on the journey. Stay committed to excellence, and the path to your goals becomes illuminated.” – Mr. Rais Abbas Rizvi”

Information Technology is a pivotal sector for driving the Indian economy and unfolding India’s development. With this firm belief, Orange It Solutions started its operations in 2016 with few budding techies and only a few projects in the portfolio. But the perseverance to push Orange IT solutoions to more prosperous milestones encouraged the team to develop solutions that are nothing short of excellence.

Mr. Rizvi’s Professional Journey:

HCL: Mr. Rizvi commenced his professional voyage at HCL, one of India’s foremost IT services and consulting enterprises. Here, he cultivated his skills and gained invaluable insights into the dynamic realms of marketing and business development.

IBM: In the subsequent chapters of his career, Mr. Rizvi had the privilege of collaborating with IBM, a global tech behemoth. This experience broadened his horizons and furnished him with a profound comprehension of the ever-evolving tech and marketing landscapes.

Leading with Vision:

As the founder of Orange IT Solutions, Mr. Rizvi brings not only extensive knowledge but also a forward-thinking perspective to the company. His commitment to excellence and unwavering passion for innovation serve as the driving forces behind the resounding success of Orange IT Solutions.

Delivering the Best:

Mr. Rizvi’s vision for Orange IT Solutions is unwavering – to offer nothing but the best to our clients. Whether it’s providing cutting-edge 3D walkthrough services for real estate developers or delivering top-notch creative agency solutions to business owners, Mr. Rizvi leads with an unwavering dedication to meet the growth and sales enhancement needs of our clients.

Current Endeavors:

Presently headquartered in Lucknow, Orange IT Solutions thrives under Mr. Rizvi’s dynamic leadership, serving a diverse clientele with unwavering excellence

Future Ambitions:

However, this vision reaches far beyond current horizons. Mr. Rais Abbas Rizvi aspires to expand the reach and impact of Orange IT Solutions across the entire expanse of India. His commitment to client success, innovation, and quality service foreshadows a bright future for the company.

With Mr. Rizvi at the helm, Orange IT Solutions is poised to scale new heights, serving clients, partners, and communities with unwavering commitment and dedication. 

Mr. Amir Abbas Rizvi – Our Experienced MD

“Success is not a destination; it’s a journey of self-discovery, growth, and unwavering belief in your abilities.”

              -Mr. Amir Abbas Rizvi”

Meet Mr. Amir Abbas Rizvi, our esteemed Managing Director at Orange IT Solutions. With years of invaluable experience in web development and a profound understanding of the business landscape, he plays a pivotal role in our company’s success.

Mr. Rizvi is not only a seasoned professional but also a pillar of support for our dynamic team. His strategic insights, commitment to excellence, and unwavering dedication to company development are the driving forces behind Orange IT Solutions’ continuous growth.

With Mr. Amir Abbas Rizvi at the helm, we are inspired to push boundaries and deliver innovative solutions in the fields of web development, 3D animation, and beyond. His vision and leadership are integral to our commitment to creating immersive, visionary experiences for our clients.

amir sir
Mr. Amir Abbas Rizvi
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